Private Chefchaouen excursion from Fez

Chefchaouen Day Trip and excursion from fez

Chefchaouen or Chaouen is one of the most popular and favorite destination for tourists in Morocco. It is known for its touristy sights, and blue-rinsed houses and buildings. The private chefchaouen excursion offers many handmade crafts that are unique for the area including wool garments, woven blankets and many lovely souvenirs.

At private Chefchaouen day trip you can enjoy visiting many sights and attractions such as The Kasbah, which dates back to the 18th century, was built by Moulay Ismail. There is a tower and prison that are worth visiting as well as a green courtyard. Moreover, the Medina is the favorite destination in the chefchaouen and in chefchaouen day trip from Fez. You can enjoy a walk through the streets and alleys of chefchaouen which is decorated by a Jewish style gives you a different taste of the architecture. The waterfall of Ras El Maa is another sight worth visiting in chaouen. A place used as a meeting point for residents of the city to do their laundry in the open air, Chat or even enjoy a cup of mint tea in the nearby café.

Chefchaouen excursion

You can never be bored at the city of chefchaouen as you can enjoy and do many activities in your day trip from fes like a taking a hike through the picturesque Rif mountains or Jbel Al- Kalaa overlooking on the town. Maybe you would like to take a taxi and visit the nearby Ackchour where you can enjoy a hike through the beautiful scenic natural views of mountains, rivers and of course the waterfall. Shopping is also available in the city as you can enjoy buying from the many lined shops that can be found in the city of almost anything you want at reasonable prices.

Accommodation in the chefchaouen is available and ranges from motels, hotels and guest houses. Sometimes it can be tight to find a room during peak seasons so it is advisable to book ahead.

This private excursion does not include Hotel Booking and Meals.

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