Comfortable private transfers from Casablanca Morocco

We have professional drivers and comfortable cars. Trusty Travel made lot of effort to satisfy customer to made their trip or transfer from Casablanca more amazing.

CasablancaAirport Casablanca1 to 3 persons30 euros
CasablancaAirport Casablanca4 to 6 persons50 euros
CasablancaFes1 to 3 persons150 euros
CasablancaFes4 to 6 persons200 euros
CasablancaMarrakech1 to 3 persons135 euros
CasablancaMarrakech4 to 6 persons200 euros
CasablancaMarzouga1 to 3 persons270 euros
CasablancaMarzouga4 to 6 persons300 euros
CasablancaTanger1 to 3 persons135 euros
CasablancaTanger4 to 6 persons170 euro
CasablancaChefchaouen1 to 3 persons155 euros
CasablancaChefchaouen4 to 6 persons170 euros
CasablancaNador1 to 3 persons240 euros
CasablancaNador4 to 6 persons280 euros
CasablancaMeknes1 to 3 persons120 euros
CasablancaMeknes4 to 6 persons140 euros
CasablancaAgadir1 to 3 persons190 euros
CasablancaAgadir4 to 6 persons220 euros
CasablancaEssaouira1 to 3 persons170 euros
CasablancaEssaouira4 to 6 persons200 euros


Our Transport ranges Big Coaches and Taxis to 4*4 trucks and all the traditional way of transport used by the indigenous.