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Fez is on of the most beautiful cities of Morocco. It is called the cultural capital of the country ,because of different historical monument, mosques, and universities. also fez inhabitants are very kind and welcoming. This city attract lot of tourist from all over the world every year.When you visit fez you can descover its long history , build since twelve siecles, always playing a very important role in Morocco. Fez is situeted in the center of Morocco, so the visitors can easily make day trip to visit Moroccan cities. Finally visiting fez will be a pleasure and a good remembrance that you will never forget.

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Private Day Tour From Fez


Trusty Travel invite you to explore Fes, Fez Day trips of the spritual and cultural capital of Morocco. Our Agency has suggested a list of day tour : guided Medina tours, day to desert from fes and great excursions around the city. We offer one of the best Trips with professional driver and comfortable cars to make good Fes Day Tour.